20-09-2021 Natural stone

Boost your career by visiting the Trades and Skills Space

The Trades and Skills Space in Rocalia 2021 will answer all your questions about training in natural stone trades.

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Contrary to popular opinion, the natural stone sector is not saturated nor obsolete but recruiting! It is difficult though to convince young job seekers, unfamiliar with natural stone trades, that over and above the manual side there are also the design aspects and the digital tools. As for professionals, the natural stone sector is changing rapidly and many stone workers need to acquire new skills. This is why Rocalia 2021 has opened the Trades and Skills Space!


Live sculpting demonstration during Rocalia 2019 trade show
© Nicolas Rodet

Ensuring long-lasting recruitment and improve skill levels 

More than ever before, it is vital to make jobs in natural stone attractive. Although we are in 2021, the “hammers and chisels” stereotype remains the omnipresent image for natural stone trades. For this reason, fewer and fewer youngsters spontaneously think about careers in natural stone involving restoration, manufacturing and technologies. In fact, it is often their parents, usually unfamiliar with this highly dynamic and increasingly modernized sector, who need to be convinced.

It is only by communicating about its top-quality know-how and by promoting the diversity of the natural stone training courses available that sector companies will be able to meet the growing need for new recruits.

Vocational training is also part of this challenge. To adapt to an ever-changing sector which is rapidly becoming digitalized, improving the skill levels of existing personnel is essential, including cross-functional trades where expertise in natural stone makes it possible to enter new markets. This is why training is a major theme for Rocalia 2021!

A solution: creating an image of absolute excellence for stone trades 

Rocalia 2021 innovates by creating the Trades and Skills Space, 60sq.m. dedicated to everyone undecided about their future careers or wanting to grow professionally.

Students can find out about training possibilities in the natural stone trades with access to a complete catalog. Employers and employees can get to know their vocational training options. Training organizations and experts will be on hand for discussions aiming to explain the broad horizons of know-how required by the sector.

In addition to dedicated conferences, several partners will be present to answer your questions:

An exhibition and demonstration space will feature “De rebus Naturae,” a work in natural stone designed by Alain Gély and Martin Muriot from the FFPPS and executed during the 3 days of Rocalia by Parisian Engravers and cutters and sculptors from CFA Camille Claude high school.

The Trades and Skills Space will be on stand G6A25.

Whatever your questions about natural stone trades, students and professional are sure to find answers at the Trades and Skills Space. Register for Rocalia 2021!

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