24-10-2023 Natural stone

6 reasons not to miss Rocalia, the reference trade show for natural stone

Join thousands of expert natural stone professionals at the Rocalia trade show, 5 - 7 December 2023.

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Whether you are a natural stone artisan, an architect, a distributor or a community representative, join thousands of expert natural stone professionals at the Rocalia trade show, 5 - 7 December 2023. Are you hesitating about interrupting work to make the trip? You could miss out on these very good reasons to take advantage of the sector’s major event. 


1. Access the best products in the sector


salon Rocalia
© Nicolas Rodet


Rocalia unites close to 1,500 suppliers and brands in the same place so that you can find the best solutions for building, landscaping, decoration, design or even heritage restoration. Take advantage of a wide range of products and services from all around the world to meet all your needs:


  • Worksite products and equipment
  • Quarry extraction
  • Cleaning, upkeep and protection
  • Water, dust materials handling
  • Tools
  • Material
  • Raw, semi-finished, finished products
  • Exterior layouts and road works
  • Building and decoration products
  • Heritage work


Don’t forget the services you need to make work easier, such as software editors and the stands of diverse professional associations in the sector!

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2. Understand the trends that will impact your business


Forum Rocalia
© Nicolas Rodet


It isn’t by chance that Rocalia is so popular with your peers! The show puts you ahead of your competitors by gaging the market, anticipating the trends and analyzing how you can incorporate them into your business.


Talk to the federations and take advantage of conferences to get in-depth information on key subjects pertaining to your business, find solutions to your problems and get an overview of the market. Here is a selection of subjects tackled at the show:


  • The new regulations concerning sustainable mobility
  • The forecast for the industry up to 2035
  • Reusing and recycling natural stone
  • The environmental performances of natural stone
  • Etc.
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3. Discover innovative building methods


Mur en pierre au salon Rocalia
© Nicolas Rodet


As a dedicated laboratory, in their Demonstration Area Rocalia presents revolutionary and exemplary projects in which natural stone has a place of honor. Inspect the constructions from all angles and take stock of the methods used by the artisans who designed them.


This year, discover two ideas for adaptable walls in urban areas, the biodiverse wall and the prefabricated wall, presented by Compagnons du Devoir and the FFPPS.


For more inspiration, come and discover the prize-winning projects in the biannual “Building in Natural Stone in the 21st Century” competition where the exceptional hidden side of these constructions will be unveiled in a conference!


4. Develop your professional future and your business


Cocktail au forum Rocalia
© Nicolas Rodet


Through networking you can exchange ideas with your colleagues who have the same problems as you do, grow your business and find new partners. Even more in a niche sector like natural stone!


The Rocalia show unites all the stakeholders in the industry in a convivial atmosphere, notably by organizing an evening event. This will surely facilitate meeting people and will broaden your professional horizons! Are you having difficulties recruiting or do you have questions about your professional development? In the Jobs & Skills Area you can find associations to give you advice and point you in the right direction.


5. Enjoy the plant & mineral synergy


Rencontre entre végétal et minéral
© Nicolas Rodet


A haven for innovative communities, imaginative business owners, architects with high standards and designers at the forefront: Rocalia is held at the same time as Paysalia, the reference show for landscape professionals. Take advantage of a complete offer in the same place to imagine your landscape projects, germinate new ideas and find out how to meet current and future challenges.

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6. Spend three days in an exceptional environment


© Frédéric Prochasson


Ideally located at the convergence of many connecting lines, midway between the sea and the mountain, the Rocalia show welcomes you to Lyon, the birthplace of bouchons (small restaurants serving traditional Lyonnaise food), the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, and traboules (alleyways). A unique environment where you can combine work and pleasure!


Would you like to spend a few more days in the Capital of the Gauls? Take advantage of your professional travel to enjoy the famous Festival of Lights which starts right at the end of the Rocalia show and savor the Lyon gastronomy. Contact our visitor hotline and our partner OnlyLyon to get dedicated assistance organizing your stay.


Request your free access badge now to attend the natural stone event you just can’t miss. See you 5 to 7 December 2023!

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