Spotlight on training: a dedicated stand at Rocalia 2017 (1/3)

21 March 2018

Training for stone trades was highlighted during the Rocalia 2017 on a stand featuring works by students and the exclusive launch of the vocational training in stone trades course catalogue. These projects were initiated by Didier Esselin, State Inspector of Education. Discover or see again the works presented at the show.


Console made from Richemont limestone

Gold medal in the “Best Apprentices of France 2017” contest

Exercise: Manual work

Education level: CAP (Proficiency) in stone cutting, 1st year course

Training centre: CFA UNICEM in Louvigné du Désert








Hand engraving works – sanded granite

Exercise: Lettering Work

Education level: Brevet of crafts in engraving

Training Center: Professional High School Camille Claudel & CFA Architectural Heritage Remiremont


Rosace tri flamme in granite

Exercise: Lettering work

Education level: Diploma in engraving art trades

Training centre: Lycée Professionnel Camille Claudel & CFA Patrimoine Architectural (Architectural Heritage) in Remiremont


Creation about Lorraine works, made from Lense stone


Exercise: Engraving and ceramic incrustation work

Education level: Diploma in stone engraving artwork


Romanesque column head made from Chandoré stone

Education level: CAP (Proficiency) in Stonecutting

Training centre: CFA UNICEM Louvigné du Désert


Do you want some more? Check this site next month to discover other works by students displayed on the training stand during Rocalia 2017.


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