20 January 2020

«SEPT» de table : a meeting between stone and architecture at Rocalia 2019

Rocalia 2019 was the setting for a stunning architectural work designed by architect Elisabeth Polzella and executed by members of Rhônapi (Rhône-Alpes Auvergne Pierres Naturelles). Once again, stone was brilliantly highlighted at Rocalia 2019. See this work of art.

The table was made from various regional stones

515x410 - sept de table.png
«SEPT» de table
© Nicolas Rodet


It is made up of seven different “stone notes” from the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne region and eight untrimmed local oak feet.
The concept is fully customizable as the number of stones can correspond to the number of guests seated on each side of the table and any kind of stone can be used.


315x210 - SEPT de table 2.png
© Alexandre Moulard

315x210 - SEPT de table 3.png
© Brocatelle

315x210 - SEPT de table 4.png
© Alexandre Moulard

You can buy a completely customizable model (type of stones and dimensions) on request from Elisabeth Polzella (Phone: +33 (0)

 Statistics about this spectacular stone and oak work


As these figures testify, a colossal amount of work went into the table.


The “SEPT” de table, on show for 3 days, fascinated visitors. We would like to thank architect DPLG Elisabeth Polzella and Rocalia partner Rhônapi Rhône-Alpes Auvergne Pierres Naturelles, for their investment in this project. Rocalia is immensely proud to welcome such masterpieces that value stone crafts.


elisabeth polzella.png

rhonapi 160x160.png

IG indication géographique 160x160.png

pierres marbrières rhone alpes 160x160.png

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