20 January 2020

Rocalia 2019 retrospective

Rocalia, the “must” Trade Show for everyone active in natural stone has just closed. For Rocalia the 2019 edition was very positive despite the context of strikes. What were the top moments of the Show? Relive the events which made the Show such a success.

Statistics for Rocalia 2019

The visitors

  • 29,912 visitors for Rocalia and Paysalia
  • Up +13.2% vs. 2017
  • 9.28% of the visitors came from outside France

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The exhibitors

  • 148 suppliers present ➡️ up 13.2% vs. 2017
  • 256 exhibitors and 1,291 brands
  • Exhibitors up 18.4%

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    Events highlights

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    The Acoustic Shell

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      The Snake Project

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      The «SEPT de table»

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        Flashback on Rocalia 2019 in images

        See or see again images from Rocalia 2019 as if you were there.

        Show entrance

        accueil 315x210.png
        © Nicolas Rodet

        The 5th « Building In Natural Stone architectural » contest

        remise prix concours architecture 315x210.png
        © Nicolas Rodet

        Talents Demonstration

        snake 315x210.png
        © Nicolas Rodet


        The late-night opening

        nocturne 315x210.png
        © Nicolas Rodet

        The Forum

        forum rocalia 315x210.png
        © Nicolas Rodet

        Design Expo

        design expo 2.png
        © Laurent Farges


        Registered visitors and exhibitors went on a technical visit to the Grand-Hôtel Dieu in Lyon. See what was on the menu.

        Heritage Day

        journée du patrimoine 315x210.png


        Flashback on what the Media published about Rocalia 2019

        We are dedicated to developing French natural stone sales.
        Today they are truly a national specificity

        Rocalia Director Florence Mompo


        The whole Rocalia team would like to thank our partners in the Show who contributed to this resounding success:


        logo ctmnc.png

        logo gmh.png


        nouveau logo rhonapi 200x200.jpg


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