20 December 2019

Stereotomy at Rocalia 2019. The Acoustic Shell

For its second edition, Rocalia continued to highlight natural stone designs. Over the 3 days of show, visitors flocked to see the natural stone Acoustic Shell project, ideal for hosting the lecturers in the Forum.
A true work of art in stereotomy (the art and science of cutting three-dimensional solids into particular shapes) highlighting the undeniable mineral/plant synergy.
This work harnessed the know-hows of a wide range of trades and guilds which explains why so many contributed to the project. Flashback on how this work became a reality…

The design concept of a stereotomy project

In 2016, the Compagnons du Devoir (The French Stone Masons Guild) went into partnership with the Bari Polytechnic school student-architects in the context of the CESAR training programme directed by Professor Giuseppe Fallacara. This collaboration was the start of the preliminary draft for the “Acoustic Shell”, imagined and designed by expert in stereotomy Italian architect Giuseppe Fallacara, director of the New Fundamentals Research Group (Bari, Italy).

Check out Professor Giuseppe Fallacara’s initial sketches for the stereotomy project:

croquis fallacara.png

croquis fallacara 2.png

croquis fallacara 3.png

See the mock-ups produced by the Compagnons du Devoir:

maquette compagnons 2.png

maquette compagnons 1.png

maquette compagnons 3.png

See all the details of the initial project

Creating a work in natural stone

This natural stone work was then passed on to the Compagnons du Devoir for manufacturing and construction in the Grands Ateliers de Villefontaine. Working on this innovative project was a very enriching experience for the students in the training programme.

1 - 315x210.png 5 - 315x210.png

2 - 315x210.png6 - 315x210.png

3 - 315x210.png7 - 315x210.png

4 - 315x210.png 8 - 315x210.png


Acoustic Shell created waves on the social networks…


410x615 post Bruno.png


410x615 post Compagnons paysagistes.png

410x615 - post GAIA.png


410x615 - post isrfmp.png

A natural stone work decorated with plants

This life size work of art was unveiled at Rocalia 2019. The Show gave this stereotomy project mingling natural stone and plants arranged by Compagnons du Devoir and Tour de France Gardening and Landscape design students pride of place. The success of this work highlighted the synergy between sectors.

The meeting between minerals and plants is important:
their fusion brings a feeling of harmony and wellbeing

Antoine Tabareau - Director of the Institut des Métiers de la Nature du Jardin et du Paysage

315x210 - montage acoustic shell sur salon.png

montage 2 - 315x210.png

montage 3 - 315x210.png

expo 1 - 315x210.png

expo 2 - 315x210.png

expo 3 - 315x210.png

We would like to thank everyone involved in creating the Acoustic Shell:

160x160 - logo-compagnons.png

1903_Coquaz et Béal 160x160.png
160x160 - logo Euromarbles.png
H_CHEVALIER 160x160.jpg
La Pierre au carré 160x160.jpg
carrière de provence 160x160.png
160x160 - logo les grands ateliers.PNG
new fundamentals research group 160x160.png
160x160 - logo polytechnique bari.PNG
VivreBois 160x160.jpg


We would also like to thank the seedbeds, PAYSALIA exhibitors, who vegetalised the ROCALIA Forum:

CHAPELAN 160x160.png

pepinieres bambouseraie 160x160.jpg


The Rocalia team is very proud of this project which does not finish with the Show (more information very soon) and thanks the many partners involved and everyone who contributed to the success of this ambitious natural stone stereotomy project.

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