22 July 2019

Natural stone art comes to the Rocalia Forum 2019

Synergies between landscape and natural stone are numerous. This year, for the second edition of Rocalia, the landscaping and stone crafts of the Compagnons du Devoir team up to create the conference Forum area. A project designed by Giuseppe Fallacara called Acoustic Shell that will combine the art of stereotomy and landscaping to offer visitors coming to the trade fair conferences a unique experience.

Acoustic Shell Rocalia 2019.jpg

The stereotomy (from the Greek stereos: solid, and tomy: cut) is the art of tracing the shapes to give to the stones for their assembly. It is therefore a real work, thought out and conceived for several months already, which will be present at the Rocalia show, from December 3rd to 5th.

The value of a building is certainly conditioned by its initial cost, but also by its lifetime and the price of its maintenance. Considering all of these factors, the stone construction is by far the cheapest!1

Giuseppe Fallacara


What is the Acoustic Shell?





The Acoustic Shell is a natural stone shell, which has a double curvature creating a fan structure. It is a geometric structure of an annular vault start. It consists of hexagonal modules, honeycomb, Fontvieille stone and a double system of steel cables to ensure the static stability of the entire construction.
(cf: modeling opposite)


What is the implementation of the Acoustic Shell project for Rocalia?

In order to understand the scope of the project for our partners, here is the list of steps that will be necessary to amaze visitors of the show, and much more:

Before the show:

  • Study of the cut of the stones of the vault (stereotomy)
  • Study and dimensioning of the metal reinforcement
  • Output and size of stone elements
  • Realization of the metal structure
  • Manufacture of wooden caissons of the vault
  • Realization of peripheral hexagonal caissons
  • Realization of the foundations and the scenography

taille des voussoirs.PNG

On the show:

  • Assembly of the structure 
  • Landscaping

After the show:

  • Exhibition of the structure: The Grands Ateliers de Villefontaine (subject to validation by a control office)



Who are the actors of the Acoustic Shell project?

  • Design and project: Giuseppe Fallacara, Professor at the Polytechnic School of Bari - Faculty of Architecture and Director of the New Fundamentals Research Group.

  • Optimization: Maurizio Barberio, architect at Poliba's New Fundamentals Research Group

  • Experimentation: Paul Vergonjeanne, Compagnons du Devoir

  • Structural calculation: Vitantonio Vacca, engineer at the Polytechnic University of Bari

  • Construction: the Compagnons du Devoir (partner of the show)


This work of art will be an exhibition piece in itself, accessible to all during the Rocalia 2019 conferences. Acoustic Shell is therefore a long-term project, carried out in collaboration with several trades, associating a mineral and vegetable scenario. . Our warm thanks to the partners who will allow the project to see the day on Rocalia:

160x160 - logo-compagnons.png

1903_Coquaz et Béal 160x160.png
160x160 - logo Euromarbles.png
H_CHEVALIER 160x160.jpg
La Pierre au carré 160x160.jpg
carrière de provence 160x160.png
160x160 - logo les grands ateliers.PNG
new fundamentals research group 160x160.png
160x160 - logo polytechnique bari.PNG
VivreBois 160x160.jpg


Our thanks to the nurseries, exhibitors of PAYSALIA, who have planted the ROCALIA Forum:

CHAPELAN 160x160.png

pepinieres bambouseraie 160x160.jpg

1: Magazine L’architecture d’aujourd’hui n°417, March 2017

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