Rocalia's press files and releases

Rocalia consolidates its position as the top French natural stone Trade Fair Show

"The second edition of Rocalia held at Lyon-Eurexpo on 3rd, 4th and 5th December in parallel with Paysalia confirmed its position as the only Trade Fair Show in France totally dedicated to natural stone and which aims to develop the national natural stone sector. Organized by GL events Exhibitions and Pierre Actual magazine it attracted 148 exhibitors representing 256 brands. 29,912 visitors, up 13.2% on 20171, attended Rocalia and Paysalia and participated in the many events."
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Press file about Rocalia 2019

"Since Rocalia 2017, practically every sector of the French natural stone business— building, decoration, urban and landscaping developments—is booming. The morale of French professionals is high and Rocalia 2019 has come at just the right time to confirm this upturn."
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Minerals & plants: a garden duet in close harmony

"In gardens, mineral and vegetable architecture is open to the sky. To truly harmonize stone and plant landscapes, composers need to consider a host of factors like the surroundings, colours, lines and the use of voids and masses. Orchestrating these elements creates a duet with their designers… This explains the synergy between Paysalia and Rocalia - the meeting between two complementary and inseparable sectors which share so much."
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Launch of the second edition of Rocalia in 2019

Co-organized by GL events Exhibitions and their associated partner the Trade Magazine Pierre Actual,  this second edition held at the same time as Paysalia,  the landscaping show, aims to bring together natural stone sector professionals and specifiers.

2017 show

Results of Rocalia's first edition

For its first edition, Rocalia, the natural stone trade show, was enthusiastically welcomed by exhibitors and visitors alike as it met all the expectations of the profession and confirmed the buoyancy of a sector which needed a platform to express its values in France and demonstrate all the innovations that have happened in this business. 

Press file about Rocalia 2017

Highly motivated, Pierre Actual and GL events Exhibitions have prepared the first edition of the natural stone Trade Fair, Rocalia, just for you.

French natural stone: a material with a future!

Rocalia, the natural stone trade fair show will be held from December 5th to 7th, 2017 at Eurexpo, Lyon, France, when, for the first time in France, it will present all the materials, products, hardware, tools and services used in the sector.

French natural stone sector is booming again!

With Rocalia, to be held from December 5th to December 7th, 2017 at Eurexpo Lyon, France - where decorative rocks are big business - has joined the other producing countries that already had their own Shows. Through its events and theme exhibitions, Rocalia will now be a “must” meeting for stone professionals and bring together the main national and international market players.

Rocalia, the natural stone trade show

Professional Show Organiser GL Events Exhibitions and the only French language trade magazine for the natural stone sector Pierre Actual have joined forces to launch Rocalia, the French natural stone trade show.
The first edition will be held on December 5th, 6th and 7th, 2017 at Eurexpo, Lyon, at the same time as the big French landscaping show, Paysalia.

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